Bamboo is a grass

As a member of the Poaceae family, bamboo is a “true grass” species. Another fun fact: Bamboo has been known to grow as fast as 100cm a day.

Great Britain, United Kingdom, or England?

The United Kingdom’s nickname “A Country of Countries” pretty much sums up its structure. It’s a sort of a hierarchy, with the UK itself on top, Great Britain and Northern Ireland beneath it, and England, Scotland, and Wales beneath GB. This diagram illustrates it simply.

And THIS one explains it further and with more context.


Trusting God with everything is the hardest thing

Over the last two years, my life plans have been radically altered at least 4 times. Each time because I decided that living life my own way wasn’t the best way to live. Each time I had begun to try to write my own story, instead of letting God. Each of these radical changes have turned out to the be the best things in life so far, even though at the time of the change I was uneasy and uncertain. Trusting God can be hard sometimes, especially when He doesn’t show you the whole plan from the beginning. But He always knows what’s best.

There are Four Fundamental Forces of Nature for which there is no explanation

The Fundamental Interactions are Strong Nuclear Force, Weak Nuclear Force, Electromagnetism, and Gravitation. These interactions are fundamental because they cannot be described or explained in any other terms but their own — they are arbitrary. They are what hold the physical universe together. 


Although the Challenger Deep is the deepest point in the ocean, it is not the closest point of the seafloor to the center of the Earth

The Challenger Deep (the deepest area in the bottom of the Marianas Trench) is the lowest point below sea-level (35,814 ft); however, because the Earth is not a perfect sphere, parts of the floor of the Arctic Ocean are actually closer to the center by about 8 miles. 

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